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VARSKIN+ 1.0: A Computer Code for Skin Contamination and Dosimetry Assessments - NUREG/CR-6918, Rev. 4 (June 2021). The report provides an introduction to VARSKIN+ and previous versions. Chapter 2 of this report comprises the VARSKIN+ User’s Manual. It is subdivided into four segments and mimics the layout of the GUI. The segments are SkinDose, WoundDose, NeutronDose, and EyeDose. Chapter 3 discusses the technical basis for the SkinDose (classic VARSKIN) module, while Chapters 4, 5, and 6 describe the physics models employed for wound, neutron, and eye dosimetry. Verification and validation results for each of the four dosimetry modules are contained in the specific chapter describing the module. Appendix A provides a few sample problems for each dose module and the user is encouraged to become familiar with dosimetry functions by exercising each sample problem.