Dose calculation for skin contamination

  • Hand over the sun
  • Cover model
  • Input for multiple covers
  • Output screen

VARSKIN is used to calculate occupational dose to the skin resulting from exposure to radiation emitted from hot particles or other contamination on or near the skin. These assessments are required by 10 CFR 20.1201(c) in which the assigned shallow dose equivalent is to the part of the body receiving the highest exposure over a contiguous 10 cm2 of skin at a tissue depth of 0.007centimeters (7 mg/cm2).

VARSKIN allows for five different predefined source configuration simulations of point, disk, cylinder, sphere, and slab sources. This current version can also account for air gap and cover materials for photon dosimetry. VARSKIN was updated to better predict beta dosimetry in shallow skin targets. Although the user can choose any dose-averaging area, the default area for skin dose calculations in VARSKIN is 10 square centimeters, to conform to regulatory requirements pursuant to Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 20.1201(c).

VARSKIN 6.2 corrects the functionality of photon attenuation with a single cover when entered on the main input GUI. In terms of the attenuation calculation, previous versions would ignore user inputs of cover thickness and cover density if they were entered on the main screen. No changes were necessary when using the multiple cover calculator.