Other Dose Assessment

These are codes used to calculate external and internal doses of workers and members of the public.

IMBA 5.0.1

Human body organ systems
The IMBA code is a suite of software modules for internal dosimetry that implements different models for internal intakes and spread of radiological dosage within human organ systems.

Radiological Toolbox

Tool kit

The Radiological Toolbox provides ready access to data of interest in radiation safety and protection of workers and members of the public. The data include dose coefficients for intakes of radionuclides, external exposure to radionuclides distributed in environments, and for exposures to photon and neutron radiation fields.


Human skeletons

The PIMAL code is a graphical user interface with pre-processor and post-processor capabilities which assists users
in developing MCNP input decks and running the codes. It allows users to easily generate quantitative figures of merit regarding positioning arms and legs in difference geometries. PIMAL software is considered an efficient and accurate tool for performing dosimetry calculations for radiation workers and exposed members of the public.


Hand over the sun
VARSKIN+ is used to calculate occupational dose to the skin resulting from exposure to radiation emitted from hot particles or other contamination on or near the skin.