Activity release of radioactive gaseous and liquid effluents from nuclear power plants


  • Clean water
  • BW Once-thorugh Steam Generator
  • BWR Gaseous Radwaste Treatment Screen
  • BWR Liquid Radwaste Treatment Screen
  • BWR Schematic
  • CE U-tube Steam Generator
  • Clean Waste Screen
  • Fixed Parameter Text File
  • GALE 3_0 Working Directory
  • GALE Excel Spread Sheet
  • GALE-BWR Title Screen
  • Liquid Processing System Flow Stream
  • Miscellaneous Dirty Waste Screen
  • NUREG-0017 0Revision Charcoal Efficiency Information
  • PWR Gaseous Radwaste Treatment Screen
  • PWR General Reactor Parameters Screen
  • PWR Liquid Radwaste Treatment Screen
  • PWR Schematic
  • RG 1_140 Revision 3 Charcoal Efficiency Information
  • Steam-Air Ejector
  • Waste Collection Time and Processing and Discharge Time Calculation Screen

The Gaseous and Liquid Effluents (GALE) series of codes consists of four codes that calculate the gaseous and liquid effluent releases from pressurized-water reactors (PWRs) and boiling-water reactors (BWRs). These are:

  • pressurized-water reactor liquid effluent (PWRLE)
  • pressurized-water reactor gaseous effluent (PWRGE)
  • boiling-water reactor liquid effluent (BWRLE)
  • boiling-water reactor gaseous effluent (BWRGE)

This Fortran-based code uses a combination of input data and hardwired parameters to calculate the source term of radionuclides generated by a nuclear power plant during routine operation. Parameters that vary from plant to plant are treated as “inputs”; GALE asks the operator for input values on each run. Hardwired parameters are plant characteristics that are assumed to be the same for all reactors. GALE is maintained at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) under contract for the U.S. NRC Office of Research.

GALE-3.2 - Is the most recent version of the of the GALE code which allows greater user flexibility to select the specific version of the reactor coolant source term and the GALE code fixed modeling parameters used by the code. The update to the GALE 3.2 source code does not involve changes in the model formulations, the revised source code had exactly the same functionality as the GALE-86 versions with the only differences being the addition of a GUI containing options for the reactor coolant source terms and GALE code fixed modeling parameters. In GALE 3.2, the default "GALE Version" is GALE-86 with additional versions with the additional user option to modify certain GALE code fixed modeling parameters outside the GALE-86 values by using a text file which the GALE-3.2 code will read. The default reactor coolant source term, “ANS-18.1 Version,” in GALE 3.2 is (ANSI/ANS-18.1-1999), with the user having the additional options to select either the (ANSI/ANS-18.1-1984) or the (ANSI/ANS-18.1-2016) versions. Finally, GALE 3.2 also includes the function to change units from the traditional imperial units (i.e. gallons, lb, and Ci) to SI units (i.e. L, kg, and Bq) for international RAMP members and added range buttons for every input entry field on the General Reactor Parameter Screen, Liquid Radwaste Treatment System Screen and Gaseous Radwaste Treatment System Screen.


In GALE-3.2, the values for the reactor coolant source term and GALE fixed modeling parameters are defaulted to the ANSI/ANS-18.1-1999 reactor coolant source term values and the GALE-86 code fixed modeling parameters. For domestic and international applicants submitting a new reactor application for NRC review and approval, the default GALE 3.1 setting (GALE86 and ANSI/ANS-18.1-1999) are consistent with the guidance in DC/COL-ISG-05, “Interim Staff Guidance on the use of the GALE86 Code for Calculation of Routine Radioactive Releases in Gaseous and Liquid Effluents from Boiling-Water Reactors and Pressurized-Water Reactors to Support Design Certification and Combined License Applications.”