IMBA 5.0.1

Integrated Modules for Bioassay Analysis

  • Human body organ systems
  • IMBA main screen and user interface

The IMBA code is a suite of software modules for internal dosimetry that implements respiratory tract, GI-tract, tissue dosimetry, biokinetic and bioassay models as recommended by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). Originally designed by the UK's Health Security Agency, the IMBA modules can estimate single or multiple intakes of different radionuclides and calculate resulting doses in the body and/or excrement for workers based on ICRP Publication 68 and US 10 CFR 835. IMBA provides a platform for conducting customized dose calculations with different user set parameters. The suite has functionalities to:


  • perform simple and more complex dose calculations
  • vapor inhalation
  • forward bioassay calculations, and
  • intake estimation for multiple regimes.