Confirmatory code used for various design-basis loss-of-coolant accidents

  • A waterway near the Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant in North Carolina. Credit Nuclear Regulatory Commission -
  • 1-1 SNAP 2.3 Splash Screen
  • 1-2 SNAP Welcome Screen_PNG
  • 1-3 SNAP Model Editor Screen_PNG
  • 1-4 SNAP Installation Screens_PNG_0
  • 1-5 AptPlot Installation Screens_PNG
  • 1-6 RADTRAD Model_PNG
  • 1-7 LOCA Model_PNG
  • 1-8 SGTR Model_PNG
  • 2-1 BWR REA Model_PNG
  • 2-2 4-Node Model With Component Connections_PNG
  • 2-3 Schematic of a RADTRAD Dose Assessment_PNG
  • 2-4 Expanded Navigator View_PNG
  • 2-5 SNAP Job Stream Illustration_PNG
  • 2-6 SNAP-RADTRAD Job Stream Relationship Screens_PNG
  • 2-7 SNAP-RADTRAD Job Stream Status Screens_PNG
  • 2-8 SNAP-RADTRAD Output Drop Down Menus Screen_PNG
  • 2-9 Model Editor Tool Bar_PNG
  • 3-1 View Window Tool Bar_PNG
  • 3-2 SNAP Message Window_PNG
  • 3-3 SNAP Error Report Window_PNG
  • 3-4 Expand Icon Feature_PNG
  • 3-5 Unit Conversion Screens_PNG
  • 3-6 AptPlot Starup View Screens_PNG
  • 3-7 Control Room Dose Plots_PNG
  • 3-8 Reformatted Control Room Dose Plots_PNG
  • 3-9 Source Scenario Accident Parameters Window_PNG
  • 4-1 Source Scenario Adjusted Inventory Window_PNG
  • 4-2 Source Scenario Release Fractions and Timings Window_PNG
  • 4-3 Source Scenario Source Term Window_PNG
  • 4-4 Activity Inventory Editing Screens_PNG
  • 4-5 Main RCS Activity Calculator Window_PNG
  • 4-6 PWR RCS Activity Calulator Inputs_PNG
  • 4-7 BWR RCS Activity Calulator Inputs_PNG
  • 4-8 Calculate Iodine Appearance Window_PNG
  • 4-9 Component Insertion Tool Feature Menus_PNG
  • 5-1 Pathways Property View Screens_PNG
  • 5-3 X Q Table Mapping Screen_PNG
  • 5-4 X Q Input Tables for EAB and LPZ_PNG

Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package (SNAP)

The Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package (SNAP) consists of a suite of integrated applications designed to simplify the process of performing engineering analysis. SNAP is built on the Common Application Framework for Engineering Analysis (CAFEAN) which provides a highly flexible framework for creating and editing input for engineering analysis codes as well as extensive functionality for submitting, monitoring, and interacting with the codes. SNAP is developed by Information Systems Laboratories (ISL), Inc. and is sponsored by the NRC. It provides the RADionuclide, Transport, Removal, and Dose Estimation (RADTRAD) user with a graphical user interface with pre– and post–processor capabilities allowing users to develop RADTRAD input decks.

RADionuclide, Transport, Removal, and Dose Estimation (RADTRAD)

The RADionuclide, Transport, Removal, and Dose Estimation (RADTRAD) code is a licensing analysis code used to show compliance with nuclear plant siting criteria for the site boundary radiation doses at the Exclusion Area Boundary (EAB) and the Low Population Zone (LPZ) and to assess the occupational radiation doses in the control room (CR) and /or Emergency Offsite Facility for various loss-of-coolant accidents (LOCA) and non-LOCA design basis accidents (DBAs). RADTRAD uses a combination of tables and numerical models of source term reduction phenomena to determine the time-dependent dose at the CR, EAB and LPZ for given DBA scenarios.