• A control room.
    Calculate relative concentrations (χ/Q) for control room habitability assessments
  • an image of a nuclear facility with a translucent radiation symbol in front
    Estimate dose and risk from emission of radioactive material to the air
  • Hand holding a plant
    Dose from residual radioactivity in soils and on building surfaces
  • Clean water
    Activity release of radioactive gaseous and liquid effluents from nuclear power plants  
  • A corn field with power plant in distance
    Second-generation environmental dosimetry
  • Control room
    Assess light-water reactor control room habitability
  • Human body organ systems
    Integrated Modules for Bioassay Analysis
  • Caution sign
    Radiological impacts of airborne emissions from uranium mining and milling facilities
  • Perspective of freight train on railway in summer (source:
    Doses from routine and accident scenarios of transporting radioactive material
  • Laptop
    Offsite doses of liquid and gaseous radioactive releases from normal nuclear power operations
  • Reactor towers
    Calculate relative ground-level air concentrations (χ/Q)
  • Human skeletons
    Phantom with Moving Arms and Legs
  • Tool kit
    An electronic handbook of data for radiation protection
  • A nuclear power plant.
    Radiological Assessment System for Consequence Analysis for radiological emergencies
  • Logos for RESRAD-Onsite, RESRAD-Offsite, RESRAD-Build, RESRAD-RDD, and RESRAD-Biota.
    Analyze potential human and biota radiation exposures from environmental contamination
  • A waterway near the Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant in North Carolina. Credit Nuclear Regulatory Commission -
    Confirmatory code used for various design-basis loss-of-coolant accidents
  • Low-Level Waste Disposal
    Explore the Basis for the LLRW Classification Tables
  • Emergency button
    Assess radiological hazards during an emergency response
  • Hand over the sun
    Dose calculation for skin contamination
  • 3D rendering of city from overhead
    Develop a defensible sampling plan based on statistical sampling theory