VARSKIN Technical Documents

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Beta-Particle-Backscatter-Factors-and-Energy-Absorption-Scaling-Factors-for-Use-With-Dose-Point-Kernels 3.66 MB
Beta-Particle Backscatter Factors and Energy-Absorption Scaling Factors for Use With Dose-Point Kernels (Nov. 2012)
Characterization-of-the-Onset-of-Charged-Particle-Equilibrium-for-Photon-Dose-to-the-Skin 4.65 MB
Characterization of the Onset of Charged Particle Equilibrium for Photon Dose to the Skin (June 2010)
OSUs-Logan-Anspach-Paper 101.03 KB
OSU's Logan Anspach publishes peer-reviewed paper on radiation (Feb. 2018)
Parametric-Sensitivity-VARSKIN-Dosimetry-Models 2.22 MB
Parametric Sensitivity Of The VARSKIN Dosimetry Models (Sept. 2019)
The-New-VARSKIN-4-Photon-Skin-Dosimetry-Model 271.17 KB
The New VARSKIN 4 Photon Skin Dosimetry Model (Oct. 2012)
VARSKIN-4-Photon-Dosimetry-Model-Summary 89.07 KB
VARSKIN 4 Photon Dosimetry - Model Summary (June 2017)
VARSKIN-Related-Publications-List 276.33 KB
VARSKIN Related Publications List (June 2019)