HABIT Technical Documents

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Britter-McQuaid-CRR-17-1988 4.72 MB
Workbook on the Dispersion of Dense Gases, Health and Safety Executive Report No. 17/1988 (Britter/McQuaid)
DEGADIS-2.1-Users-Guide 8.42 MB
EPA-450/4-89-019, “User's Guide for the DEGADIS 2.1 Dense Gas Dispersion Model” (Nov. 1989)
EPA-454-R-92-024 5.31 MB
EPA-454/R-92-024, “Workbook for Screening Techniques for Assessing Impacts of Toxic Air Pollutants (Revised)” (Dec. 1992)
HABIT-v2.2-(ML21120A069) 6.15 MB
NUREG-2244, "HABIT 2.2 Description of Models and Methods" (May 2021) (ML21120A069)
Murphy-and-Campe 2.28 MB
Murphy, K.G., and Campe, K.M. (1974), “Nuclear Power Plant Control Room Ventilation System Design for Meeting General Criterion 19, 13th AEC Air Cleaning Conference.”
NUREG-0800-SRP-Chapter-6.4 172.32 KB
NUREG-0800, Revision 3, “Standard Review Plan,” (SRP) Chapter 6.4, “Control Room Habitability System” (Mar. 2007)
NUREG-CR-5055 3.62 MB
NUREG/CR-5055, “Atmospheric Diffusion for Control Room Habitability Assessments” (May 1988)
NUREG-CR-5106 5.69 MB
NUREG/CR-5106, “User's Guide for the TACT5 Computer Code” (June 1988)
NUREG-CR-5656 4.94 MB
NUREG/CR-5656, “EXTRAN: A Computer Code for Estimating Concentrations of Toxic Substances at Control Room Air Intakes” (Mar. 1991)
NUREG-CR-5658 1.94 MB
NUREG/CR-5658, “FPFP_2: A Code for Following Airborne Fission Products in Generic Nuclear Plant Flow Paths” (Mar. 1991)
NUREG-CR-5659 4.77 MB
NUREG/CR-5659, “Control Room Habitability System Review Models” (Dec. 1990)
NUREG-CR-6210-Supplement-1 5.79 MB
NUREG/CR-6210, Supplement 1, “Computer Codes for Evaluation of Control Room Habitability (HABIT V1.1)” (Oct. 1998)
NUREG-CR-6210 7.84 MB
NUREG/CR-6210, “Computer Codes for Evaluation of Control Room Habitability (HABIT)” (June 1996)
NUREG-CR-6624 3.42 MB
NUREG/CR-6624, “Recommendations for Revision of Regulatory Guide 1.78” (Nov. 1999)
NUREG-IA-0506 Final 2.57 MB
NUREG/IA 0506 - Using SNAP/RADTRAD and HABIT to Establish the Analysis Methodology for Maashan PWR (Jan. 2019)
PNL-10286 1.97 MB
PNL-10286, “Atmospheric Dispersion Estimates in the Vicinity of Building” (Jan. 1995)
RG-1.23-Revision-1 286.75 KB
Regulatory Guide 1.23, Revision 1, “Meteorological Monitoring Programs for Nuclear Power Plants” (Mar. 2007)
RG-1.78-Revision-1 190.5 KB
Regulatory Guide 1.78, Revision 1, “Evaluating the Habitability of a Nuclear Power Plant Control Room during a Postulated Hazardous Chemical Release” (Dec. 2001)
SLAB-Users-Manual-EPA 4.02 MB
UCRL-MA-105607, “User's Manual for SLAB: An Atmospheric Dispersion Model for Denser-Than-Air Releases” (June 1990)