April 2024 User Group Meeting

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This is an In-Person event.


For international travelers, visas may be required.

Korea Electronic Travel Authorization can be used in place of a VISA for select countries, please refer to the K-ETA application eligibility guide to see if your country is listed. Countries which are not listed should follow the standard VISA process.


Perspective of freight train on railway in summer (source:

The NRC Radioactive Material Transport (NRC-RADTRAN) computer code is used for risk and consequence analysis of radioactive material (RAM) transportation. A variety of RAM is transported annually within this country and internationally. The shipments are carried out by overland modes (mainly truck and rail), marine vessels, and aircraft. Transportation workers and persons residing near or sharing transportation links with these shipments may be exposed to radiation from RAM packages during routine transport operations; exposures may also occur as a result of accidents.