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ISG-2019-ML15051A002.pdf 384.9 KB
DUWP-ISG-001, Interim Staff Guidance (2019) - Evaluations of Uranium Recovery Facility Surveys of Radon and Radon Progeny in Air and Demonstrations of Compliance with 10 CFR 20.1301, Final Report
NUREG-0859.pdf 1.01 MB
NUREG-0859 (1982) - Compliance Determination Procedures for Environmental Radiation Protection Standards for Uranium Recovery Facilities, 40 CFR Part 190
NUREG-1569.pdf 1.94 MB
NUREG-1569 (2003) - Standard Review Plan for In Situ Leach Uranium Extraction License Applications
Reg-Guide-3.51-ML003739497.pdf 2.64 MB
Regulatory Guide 3.51 (1982) - Calculational Models for Estimating Radiation Doses to Man from Airborne Radioactive Materials Resulting from Uranium Milling Operations
Reg-Guide-3.59.pdf 1.88 MB
Regulatory Guide 3.59 (1987) - Methods for Estimating Radioactive and Toxic Airborne Source Terms for Uranium Milling Operations
Reg-Guide-3.64.pdf 1.71 MB
Regulatory Guide 3.64 (1989) - Calculation of Radon Flux Attenuation by Earthen Uranium Mill Tailings Covers
Reg-Guide-4.14.pdf 1.26 MB
Regulatory Guide 4.14 (1980) - Radiological Effluent and Environmental Monitoring at Uranium Mills