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Version 5.0.0

Released February 05, 2020


  • RADTRAD 4.x was converted from Fortran to java. While java is a modern language, many of the paradigms of Fortran were maintained in the code. RADTRAD 5.0.0 involved significant changes to modernize the structure of the code, remove limitations, and make the code more maintainable.

Version 4.5.7

Released May 31, 2018

Code Fix:

  • Fixed an issue in the RADTRAD-AC output file where an extra space was removed from RADTRAD-AC output file header.

Version 4.5.6

Released May 12, 2017

Code Fix:

  • Fixed an issue where the RADTRAD-AC fails with an ‘array out of bounds’ exception if the filter table contains more than 12 entries. This limit has been increased to 50 entries.

Version 4.5.5

Released April 7, 2017

• Minor Fixes:

  • The formatting of the RADTRAD output files (“radtrad.out” & “radtradNRC.out”) were changed so that the copyright notice is now only being printed at the beginning and end of the output files instead of being printed at the start of each page in the output files
  • The plot variable (dose category) type “body” was mislabeled in previous versions of RADTRAD-AC and was changed to “cloudshine” for all dose locations.

Version 4.5.4

Released June 30, 2016

• Code Fix:

  • The maximum number of sources allowed in a model is 10. However, an error would occur if more than 5 sources were included in a model because a maximum of 5 release fractions and timing tables were allowed by the RADTRAD-AC. The maximum number of release fractions and timing tables was increased to be equal to the number of sources allowed.

Version 4.5.3

Released March 31, 2016

• Minor Fixes:

Version 4.5.2

Released February 29, 2016

• Minor Fixes:

Version 4.5.1

Internal Release for testing

Version 4.5.0

Released December 31, 2014

• Major Updates:

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