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RAMP Membership Benefits

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has, over the years, developed numerous radiation protection, dose assessment, and emergency response computer codes. These codes are used by NRC staff, other U.S. Federal agencies, NRC’s Agreement States, licensees and international partners. RAMP was established as an integrated NRC program to prioritize, maintain and update all of the NRC’s radiation protection codes, control distribution of the codes to users outside of the NRC, and maintain user forums in which users may discuss the use of the codes and seek answers to pecific problems that they may encounter with the codes. Currently, the RAMP users group has over 700 members and partners domestically and internationally.

RAMP membership provides access to on-line training materials, the latest code releases, code specific forums, past user group meeting materials, and the opportunity to be part of the upcoming international and domestic users’ meetings . RAMP has various membership types, learn more about the benefits of becoming a RAMP member today by viewing our Membership Page.