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Fee-Based Codes

RAMP is one of the important initiatives through which we engage with domestic and international colleagues. The success of our regulatory program is bolstered by strong partnerships such as the RAMP users’ group. Our Commission’s International Policy Statement recognizes the importance of such partnerships and the benefits they bring to the regulatory programs of both NRC and our international counterparts. 

  • The US NRC RAMP program shares computer codes with Nuclear Regulatory Authorities through a formalized international agreement process.

  • If your organization is interested in becoming a RAMP member, please send an email to RAMP@nrc.gov to start the process.
  • Please also include your Regulatory International Officer contact information, if applicable.
  • The RAMP International Program team will provide a RAMP agreement.
  • Upon U.S. NRC and the Authority signing the agreements, access will be given for the services listed.
RAMP Codes Membership Fee Member Application
VIP (All Codes) 30,000 USD/year Contact RAMP@nrc.gov
HABIT 5,000 USD/year Contact RAMP@nrc.gov
RASCAL Code 5,000 USD/year Contact RAMP@nrc.gov
SNAP/RADTRAD 5,000 USD/year Contact RAMP@nrc.gov


Free Codes

RAMP Codes Membership Fee Member Application
ARCON96 FREE Contact RAMP@nrc.gov
DandD FREE Contact RAMP@nrc.gov
GALE FREE Contact RAMP@nrc.gov
GENII FREE Contact RAMP@nrc.gov
MILDOS FREE Contact RAMP@nrc.gov
NRCDose FREE Contact RAMP@nrc.gov
PAVAN FREE Contact RAMP@nrc.gov
PiMAL FREE Contact RAMP@nrc.gov
Radtoolbox FREE Contact RAMP@nrc.gov
RADTRAN FREE Contact RAMP@nrc.gov
VARSKIN FREE Contact RAMP@nrc.gov