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DandD Technical Documents Download Page

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Residual Radioactive Contamination: Translating Contamination Levels PDF icon NUREG_CR-5512_vol1.pdf
Residual Radioactive Contamination: DandD Users Manual 2.1 PDF icon NUREG_CR-5512-vol2_ML010940257.pdf
Residual Radioactive Contamination: Parameter Analysis PDF icon NUREG_CR-5512-vol3.pdf
Comparison of Models for DandD 1.0, RESRAD 5.61, RESRAD-Build 1.5 PDF icon NUREG_CR-5512-vol4.pdf
License Termination Dose Assessment Decision Methods PDF icon NUREG-1549.pdf
Decommissioning: Process for Materials Licensees PDF icon NUREG-1757_Vol1_Rev2_ML063000243.pdf
Decommissioning: Radiological Criteria PDF icon NUREG-1757_Vol2_Rev1_ML063000252.pdf
Decommissioning: Financial Assurance, Recordkeeping, Timeliness PDF icon NUREG-1757_Vol3_Rev1_ML12048A683.pdf