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HABIT Technical Documents Download Page

File description Link to the file
NUREG/IA 0506 - Using SNAP/RADTRAD and HABIT to Establish the Analysis Methodology for Maashan PWR PDF icon NUREG-IA-0506 Final.pdf
NUREG/CR-6210, “Computer Codes for Evaluation of Control Room Habitability (HABIT)” PDF icon NUREG CR-6210.pdf
NUREG/CR-6210, Supplement 1, “Computer Codes for Evaluation of Control Room Habitability (HABIT V1.1)” PDF icon NUREG CR-6210, Supplement 1.pdf
Regulatory Guide 1.78, Revision 1, “Evaluating the Habitability of a Nuclear Power Plant Control Room during a Postulated Hazardous Chemical Release” PDF icon RG 1.78, Revision 1.pdf
NUREG/CR-5656, “EXTRAN: A Computer Code for Estimating Concentrations of Toxic Substances at Control Room Air Intakes” PDF icon NUREG CR-5656.pdf
NUREG/CR-5055, “Atmospheric Diffusion for Control Room Habitability Assessments” PDF icon NUREG CR-5055.pdf
PNL-10286, “Atmospheric Dispersion Estimates in the Vicinity of Building” PDF icon PNL-10286.pdf
NUREG/CR-5106, “User's Guide for the TACT5 Computer Code” PDF icon NUREG CR-5106.pdf
NUREG/CR-5658, “FPFP_2: A Code for Following Airborne Fission Products in Generic Nuclear Plant Flow Paths” PDF icon NUREG CR-5658.pdf
HABIT 1.2 User’s Guide (Final), Version 1.0 PDF icon HABIT 1.2 Users Guide.pdf
NUREG/CR-5659, “Control Room Habitability System Review Models” PDF icon NUREG CR-5659.pdf
EPA-450/4-89-019, “User's Guide for the DEGADIS 2.1 Dense Gas Dispersion Model” PDF icon DEGADIS 2.1 Users Guide.pdf
UCRL-MA-105607, “User's Manual for SLAB: An Atmospheric Dispersion Model for Denser-Than-Air Releases” PDF icon SLAB Users Manual (EPA).pdf
HABIT 2.0 User’s Guide (Draft) PDF icon HABIT 2.0 Users Guide (Draft).pdf
Workbook on the Dispersion of Dense Gases Health and Safety Executive Report 17/1988 (Britter/McQuaid) PDF icon Britter_McQuaid (CRR 17_1988).pdf
NUREG-0800, “Standard Review Plan,” (SRP) Chapter 6.4, “Control Room Habitability System,” Revision 3 PDF icon NUREG-0800 SRP Chapter 6.4.pdf
Regulatory Guide 1.23, Revision 1, “Meteorological Monitoring Programs for Nuclear Power Plants” PDF icon RG 1.23, Revision 1.pdf
Murphy, K.G. and Campe, K.M., “Nuclear Power Plant Control Room Ventilation System Design for Meeting General Criterion 19, 13th AEC Air Cleaning Conference.” PDF icon Murphy and Campe.pdf
EPA-454/R-92-024, “Workbook for Screening Techniques for Assessing Impacts of Toxic Air Pollutants (Revised)” PDF icon EPA-454_R-92-024.pdf
NUREG/CR-6624, “Recommendations for Revision of Regulatory Guide 1.78” PDF icon NUREG CR-6624.pdf