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SNAP/RADTRAD Code Download

Download AptPlot

To download the latest version of AptPlot (plotting tools software package) users must visit the AptPlot Download Page. Then follow the installation directions on the AptPlot Download Page and Section 2.3.1 of NUREG/CR-7220.

Download the SNAP Model Editor (including the RADTRAD Plugin)

To download the latest version of the SNAP Model Editor including the RADTRAD Plugin users must register on the APT website (https://www.snaphome.com/WebPages/Register.jsp) to receive an account (user name and password). The SNAP Download Page and Section 2.3.2 of NUREG/CR-7220 provides instructions on the download and installation of the SNAP Model Editor.

Download the RADTRAD Analytical Code

To download the latest version of RADTRAD Analytical Code save the zip files below to your computer. Unzip the files and save/replace the six ".jar" files in the directory created in Section 2.3.3 of NUREG/CR-7220 (c:\users\home-directory(user's initials)\snap\radtrad).

File description Link to the file
RADTRAD-AC v4.5.7 (zip) Package icon RADTRAD-AC v4.5.7.zip